Monday, June 30, 2014

Great Bombay Circus

A long wait is finally over as the Great Bombay Circus has finally arrived in Vadodara City and running successfully from 27th June. 

Finally, I got chance to see the circus show. The lighting and air-cooling are good. Although, the flying trapeze is performed just from one side, other acts have some variation. The cycling and especially single cycle act is really amazing. People should pay at least one visit to the circus. 

Those who want to see lovely photos of the Circus (taken at Aurangabad), please visit the link below :

Photos by : Sreeji Nair
To visit : Click here
Great Bombay Circus
Exhibition Ground, Kirti Stambh,
Rajmahel Road, Vadodara

-: Show-Time :- 
1:00, 4:00 & 7:00 pm

-: Ticket-Price : -
Rs. 300/-, Rs. 200/-, Rs. 150/- & Rs. 75/-

-: Website :-
If you have visited the Circus, please do share your views with me and I shall gladly publish with full credit to you.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

5th World Circus Day

Hello Everyone,

Get yourself ready as the 5th World Circus Day is on 19th April, 2014. Be a part of this wonderful celebration of Happiness & Fun. I am glad to see that more and more people are taking part in this celebration from India but still it is not enough. More Circuses should take part in it as this is the day dedicated just for them.

Visit the World Circus Federation on the link given below and select India from country list to see the participants. 

Link : Circus Federation

Follow the links to get details about the events organized as a part of the 5th World Circus Day Celebration :

1. Rambo Circus : Click Here
2. The Great Oriental Circus : Click Here
3.  Famous Circus Artist Damoo Dhotre : Click Here

(The official website of Damoo Dhotre was relaunched on the 5th World Circus Day as it was entirely flash based site. As more and more sites are turning to javascript based site, so the site was launched with a view to reaching more people.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shameful & Shocking

Hello Readers,

This is the post that I feel really sad to write about. But everything has two sides - bright & dark, positive & negative...

Recently, the owner of the Moonlight Circus with four others were arrested after girl-artists accused them for raping. It is really shameful for Indian Circus Industry. The artists leave their families behind to earn just enough to sustain themselves and the dependants upon them. They work hard and daily risk their lives. The owners and other members of management must understand that Circus is not just theirs but it also belongs to these artists and other staff. It is because of their hard-work, the Circus can run smoothly. I hope, such disgraceful incidents do not happen again.

Read the full article at the website of : Times of India

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Damoo Dhotre 41st Death Anniversary

Hello Reader,

On 23rd January, 1973, Indian Circus lost one of its best animal trainers who made his nation proud in the Circus World. He could train wild animals with an ease and made them perform extra ordinary Circus acts. Today I am sharing one part of article about Damoo Dhotre :

From the 6' platform, a deadly paw swept down in a lightning flash of sleek yellow fur. Its unsuspecting target was a stocky young man in evening clothes who was armed only with a whip and a short stick. As spectators screamed, the huge leopard's needle-sharp claws sank into the man's shoulder.
Acting with experience-whetted instinct, the man lifted his feet from the floor and hung from the animal's paw while the circus audience watched, hypnotized. Then, with a ripping sound, the padded shoulder of the man's coat tore loose and he dropped to the ground. 
Quickly he turned to face the hig cat. Brandishing his whip admonishingly. Damoo Dhotre scolded his snarling pupil. "You bad child,'' he said sternly, "don't you know better than to attack your old friend? Now. behave yourself!" When Damoo left the barred cage to the applause of the circus-goers who had almost witnessed his death, he made 2 resolutions: never be overconfident and never again wear heavy clothing.

Read the entire article at :

Visit :

Read more about Damoo Dhotre on this blog : Click Here

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Champion Circus

Hello Readers,

The Champion Circus has arrived in the city. It is on the outskirts of Vadodara, near Koyli. This is a little Two-Pole circus which is ready to entertain citizens of Vadodara. Actually, I am really excited to visit it soon because I have visited to small circuses to meet my artist friends but have never seen the show. I hope, people will give it a huge welcome and visit in great number. 

~: Show Times : ~
2 pm, 5 pm & 8 pm

~: Ticket Prices :~
Rs. 70/-, Rs. 50/- & Rs. 30/-

~: Venue :~
Gujarat Refinery Road,
Koyli, Vadodara

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Wish you all 
Circus Fans
a Merry Christmas...!
Happy New Year

=====Happy 2014=====

Friday, November 15, 2013

Study Tour to Circus

It was the first time I visited a circus. It was thrilling to watch. I felt that the Circus is a good form of entertainment.
* * *
We saw the animals who seemed affectionate with the humans.
* * *
I appreciate them for their simplicity and power.
* * *
It was a remarkable moment in my life. I had never seen a circus before.
* * *
     These are the words of those who joined a Study-Tour to Great Bombay Circus in Delhi recently. It is a great way to make aware people about Circus. Many times the word 'CIRCUS' is used as a synonymous to 'Chaos' or 'Disorder' which is completely wrong. Circus is an example of perfect co-ordination among all the staff members of the Circus. 

Sometimes people make fun of Circus without knowing what a Circus is. It is ridiculous to judge Circus if you haven't seen a single show at all. I think, it is quite shameful too!

Some of the comments above like 'I had never seen a Circus  before' or 'It was the first time I visited a circus' are 'EYE-OPENER' to the owners of Indian Circus Industry who don't allow outside people to know more about Circus. I advise them to let people see how circus operates. This will help people to know more about our beloved Circus Industry.

I am really thankful to and appreciate the efforts by the Study Tour Organisers who took the initiative and made people aware about Circus. Such tours should be carried out in each Circus so that people can know the Circus better!
Follow the link below to read the full article In the Ring published in the HinduClick Here